Exactly like Nothing Else

The Three Ts

There are three things that we care about.


If any of the above is your cup of tea, we think you fit in.

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Now what we are trying to do here is changing the game. What does it take? The love for our three Ts and the dripping enthusiasm to be ready for whatever the day throws at you. Oh, and intelligence excites us!

Every day could be a new challenge but fret not, we love to sit over late evening coffee and figure things out. What we guarantee, however, is an exciting journey with a bunch of passionate, generous, and helpful people with something special to inspire you every now and then.

We are always looking for amazing people and if you are looking for them too, write to us on hr@getout.travel

Current Openings

Inside Sales / Hotel contracting / Client onboarding

Position: Intern Main Activities: • Working and contributing to the implementation of selling strategies and processes for both supply and ...
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Head of Sales (This position is on hold)

  1. Provide leadership over the sales department.
  2. Working on building & executing the overall strategic enterprise sales plan to ...
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